Introducing the Strati: The First Ever 3-D Printed Electric Car You Can Build in a Day

Seeing the Strati for the first time would not catch your attention. In fact, the first time it was driven out of the International Manufacturing Technology Show and all over Chicago, most onlookers failed to have given it any attention. However, the same thing doesn’t apply for those who have seen it materialize via 3-D […]

Amazon’s Delivery Drone of the Future

The idea that you can buy something online and not have to wait days or weeks to get it is rather astonishing. But, Amazon has recently unveiled a prototype drone that could one day deliver packages right at the doorstep of online shoppers, just minutes after the purchase. A mechanical stork delivering goods across a […]

The New iPad Pro: Does It Live Up to Its Predecessors?

Apple released the iPad Pro in early November of this year with a promise that the new device can fit right into the business setting. However, it’s bigger size (12.9-inch screen) actually makes the iPad Pro the ideal tablet computer for the family. It’s huge beautiful screen and excellent sound quality makes it the ultimate […]

Your Guide to Buying a Pocket Vaporizer

In the past, those who smoked cannabis either for medical or recreational purposes did so with a bong, a joint, or a one-hitter that looked like a cigarette. Those who smoked tobacco did so with a pipe, a cigar, or a cigarette. These days, it’s very rare for you to see people using a pipe, […]