Horse Calming Supplements – What Every Equine Owner Should Know

You might not be aware of it but horses, just like us humans, also get nervous and agitated from time to time. And while this may look normal to you, this can actually affect your horse’s behavior and turn a well-tempered mare or stallion into a high-strung one. The majority of horse owners haven’t really encountered an anxious horse, but this also does not mean that there’s no chance you won’t ever get to encounter one. Horses may be very gentle animals, but there are also plenty of things that can cause them to become nervous and agitated.

When it comes to dealing with an anxious horse, there are a lot of things that you should do. First, you need to recognize its physical capabilities and avoid giving it tasks that he can’t accomplish for the moment. You also have to consider its mental limitations. Another thing that you should do to relieve its anxiety is by giving it a calming supplement. A calming supplement can help your horses relax and get rid of the anxiety that they are feeling. It has been greatly recommended by most equine owners as an effective remedy when working with a nervous horse.

Today, we will be discussing every important thing that you should know about calming supplements.


What Are Calming Supplements?

Horses have several kinds of supplements that you can add to their diet (digestive supplement, coat supplement, just to name a few). All of these supplements are specifically made to help equines grow stronger and healthier. A calming supplement is basically anything that will help your stressed and anxious horse feel relaxed and calm. This type of supplement can both be in powder and liquid form, and can be taken orally or injected into your horse’s body.

Why Do You Need a Calming Supplement?

A calming supplement is essential because horses are very prone to changing their behavior if they can anxious and stressed. The last thing that a horse owner would ever want is an unruly horse, so to prevent this, the moment your horse starts acting weird, consider talking to your vet and ask if it is already necessary to add horse calming supplements to its diet. Among the many things that can trigger your horse to act strange and bizarrely is when he is not feeling well, he is setting in an unfamiliar place, something frightens it, or when he is exhausted from the work you’ve given it.

Different Types of Horse Calming Supplements

As mentioned earlier, calming supplements for equines can either be in powder form and liquid form. It can also be in an oral form or injectable form. Furthermore, calming supplements can be categorized into three types – nutrient-based, herbal, and for mares.

Nutrient-Based Supplement

The most common type of calming supplement, the nutrient-based calming supplement helps horses feel relaxed by filling their deficiencies in magnesium, B-vitamins, and tryptophan. These vitamins are essential in a horse’s system; when your equines do not get enough of these vitamins, they become easily distraught and irrational. Apart from fighting deficiency and relieving horses against anxiety, nutrient-based supplements also aid the nervous system and let it function properly.

Herbal Calming Supplements

Herbal calming supplements are those type of supplements made from natural herbs. They target the nervous system of the horse and help it function well making them among the most effective calming supplements. However, because of their many side effects, they have been banned by competitive organizations. So if you have a lot of racing horses, then an herbal calming supplement is definitely not in your option. Herbs and plants that are usually used as calming supplements include hops, chamomile, and valerian.

Calming Supplements for Moody Mares

As the name implies, this type of calming supplement is specifically intended to be taken by mares or female horses. Mares also experience hormonal changes once in a month, and during this time, they become quite too difficult to handle. Mares are usually moody during the breeding session and during their ovulation period, and to help them relax, most horse owners would give them calming supplements.


Essential Tips to Remember When Adding Calming Supplements on Your Horses’ Diet

-Behavioral issues sometimes sprung from an empty stomach, so make sure to provide your horses with enough supply of forage in a day.

-The reason why herbal calming supplements are prohibited among racing horses is because they have an over-tranquilizing effect, which will let your horse suffer from several side effects.

-Tryptophan – one of the essential minerals that horses need to keep themselves calm – is best offered in between meals.

-Deficiency in B vitamin among horses happen when their hindgut microbial population is being compromised by illnesses, stress, antibiotics, or even starchy diets; when left unsolved, B vitamin deficiency can affect the behavior of your horse and cause them to very irritable. This is the reason why B vitamin is also among one of the active ingredients that nutrient-based calming supplements have.

-Giving your horse more magnesium can have a positive change in its behavior. The recommended dosage is 5,000 mg of magnesium for every 500 pounds of body weight.

-When you’ve noticed that your equine is acting bizarre and irritable, do not add calming supplements immediately to its diet. Check first the possible reasons that triggered it to behave badly. There are a lot of things that can make a horse get anxious, and sometimes, it isn’t necessary anymore to provide it a calming supplement.

-Apart from checking the possible reasons that made your horse act strange, you also need to consult the recommendation of a veterinarian before you start giving your equine any type of supplements. Calming supplements may also have side effects on horses, and that is why it is vital to ask first before you add them to your horse’s meal.

Got any questions to ask about calming supplements for horses? We’d love to hear from you.