Outsourcing: The SEO Solution for Small Businesses

In this day and age, even a small local business needs to have an online presence of sorts. It could be something as simple as a Facebook page, a blog, or an official website. And whatever kind of online presence you plan to build, there is a need for you to optimize your web pages to make sure they get seen by the right people—that is, your target market.


You could do your own optimization or, if you aren’t familiar with how optimization works, you could hire an SEO expert to do the work for you. If you choose to hire, you have the option of getting an in-house SEO specialist or outsourcing your optimization needs. You may even have noticed how outsourcing has become a trend in today’s business arena.


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There are certainly some very good reasons why outsourcing has become a popular business solution. For one thing, it gives you the financial flexibility of paying only for specific work done. Unlike an in-house employee, whom you pay a fixed salary regardless of how much work he/she actually does on a daily basis, you only pay an outsourcer for what you need them to do for you. And by going offshore, you could even enjoy the benefit of getting quality results for very affordable rates; there are many places (such as the Philippines) where people are highly skilled and the cost of labor relatively low.


Of course, you have to be very careful when you outsource your SEO needs. There are now so many companies offering SEO services, but not all of them can give you exactly what you need. Let’s look at the rates, for example. While it is true that locations like the Philippines offer much lower rates than their Western counterparts, hiring the company that offers the lowest rates you can find may not be such a good idea. What you need to do, instead, is find three or more companies that can give you what you need and then go with the one with the most reasonable rates. Don’t fall into the trap of getting what you pay for.


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Note that for small businesses, it isn’t just important to publish high-quality content and get it optimized for search. It is just as important (or maybe even more important) to optimize your web pages for local search, especially if you have a brick-and-mortar shop you want more people to find. Let’s say you’re operating a kids’ apparel shop in Austin, Texas. You should strive not just to rank well for online searches for kids’ clothing in general, but also for specific searches for kids’ apparel in Austin.


The good news is that there are many local SEO Philippines companies that can provide you with the necessary expertise that’ll get you the kind of search rankings you need to grow your business. The key is in finding the right outsourcing partner and being very specific in what you want to achieve. Once you get these things down pat, you should be well on your way towards building a strong online presence.