The New iPad Pro: Does It Live Up to Its Predecessors?

Apple released the iPad Pro in early November of this year with a promise that the new device can fit right into the business setting. However, it’s bigger size (12.9-inch screen) actually makes the iPad Pro the ideal tablet computer for the family. It’s huge beautiful screen and excellent sound quality makes it the ultimate iPad Apple has released so far.


The New iPad Pro



Bigger and Badder


Aside from its noticeably bigger screen, the iPad Pro is not all for show. It actually packs a punch in terms of graphics display, sound quality, and processing power. Its 2732×2048 screen resolution provides the same clarity as the iPad Air, but in a much bigger display, 75% bigger in fact.


The iPad Pro is powered by the A9X dual-core processor. Interestingly enough, the iPad Air 2 is powered by an A8X with three cores, but the new iPad’s processor has its raw speed boosted by its manufacturers, resulting in a CPU and graphics processor that has twice the power of the iPad Air 2.


How fast is the A9X processor, you ask? Well, consider the 2015 Retina MacBook Pro, which is running on an i5 Intel Core processor, the iPad Pro clocked in much faster than the MacBook. In fact, the iPad Pro clocks in as fast as, if not faster than, most laptop computers in the market to date. How sweet is that?


In addition to its impeccable processor, it’s interesting to know that the iOS running on the iPad Pro is much lighter than the Mac OS or Windows operating system. The end result is an iPad that feels even faster. And with the upgraded RAM (Random Access Memory) for used applications, from the usual 2GB to the 4GB RAM, multitasking between multiple apps is much quicker now.


Although it’s marketed as a tablet computer for the enterprise setting, its many features makes it an absolute delight as a family tablet as well. Can you imagine playing COC (Clash of Clans) on this thing?