The Secrets to Catching Flight Promos

Flight promos are heaven-sent to people who love to travel but don’t really have much of a budget. They are usually offered when holidays are near or a few days before payday. Sometimes, they’re just announced out of the blue, even without a special occasion in the near future. Here are some of the secrets to catching flight promos:

Save Enough If You Must

If money is tight, be sure to save a reasonable amount of money even when there still isn’t a flight promo in sight, so that in the event a promo is announced, you won’t have any problem booking a flight to your destination of choice. And while you’re at it, save up for a hotel reservation as well. After all, you’ll need a place to stay when you get to your destination, right?


Airline Promo

Have a Credit or Debit Card Ready

Credit or debit cards are quite handy. Why? It’s one of the quickest ways to successfully book your flight online. That way, you won’t have to go to any travel agency and pay extra fees.

Stay Connected With Airlines’ Social Media Accounts

Another way to catch a flight promo as soon as it is announced is to follow the social media accounts of various airlines. They don’t really announce that much on TV, print, and radio anymore because almost everything is now done via online channels like social networking sites. So be sure to keep checking the websites and social pages of airlines for these announcements.

Wait for the Next Holiday

As mentioned, airlines are very good at announcing airfare promos out of the blue. But don’t worry if you’ve missed one because there’s surely going to be another promo in the works. Wait for the next holiday and check for promos then. And book quickly because the number of seats included in promos is usually limited.